Woman Arrested After Dog Dies in Sweltering Las Vegas Heat While Tied to Porch


Woman Arrested After Dog Dies in Sweltering Las Vegas Heat While Tied to Porch


A tragic incident in Las Vegas, Nevada led to the arrest of a woman after her dog, named Abby, succumbed to extreme heat while left outside tied to a porch. The distressing event unfolded amidst scorching temperatures that soared up to 114 degrees, leaving the innocent dog exposed to the elements without access to food, water, or shade for more than a day. The incident has sparked outrage and concern for animal welfare, and authorities are now considering felony animal cruelty charges against the woman, Deborah Hagen.

Concerned Neighbors Report Distressing Scene

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers responded to a distressing call at a mobile home park on Walnut Road on July 21, around 5:30 p.m. The report revealed that a female dog, Abby, had been found dead under harrowing circumstances. When the officers arrived at the location, they were met by a Las Vegas Animal Protection Services officer who had been notified by worried neighbors. These neighbors reported that Abby was tied to the porch stairs, deprived of essential necessities such as food, water, and shelter from the extreme heat.

The Alarming Discovery and Arrest of Deborah Hagen

Tragically, Abby’s fate was sealed as she was left exposed to the unbearable heat for an extended period. The arrest report stated that Abby had been outside for over a day with empty food and water bowls nearby. LVMPD detained Deborah Hagen in connection with the incident, and she could face felony animal cruelty charges for her actions.

Woman Arrested After Dog Dies in Sweltering Las Vegas Heat While Tied to Porch

Conflicting Statements Raise Concerns

During questioning, Hagen told LVMPD officers that she had placed Abby outside at 5 p.m. on July 20 to allow the dog to relieve herself. She claimed to have left Abby outdoors because the dog sometimes took a while to use the bathroom. Hagen then fell asleep, unintentionally leaving the defenseless dog tied up outside. Though she stated that her roommate had awakened her at some point, she was uncertain about the duration Abby spent outside.

However, a witness from the neighborhood told police a different account, claiming to have seen Abby lying outside on the morning of July 20, hours earlier than Hagen had indicated. The witness even expressed concern that Abby might already have been dead at that time, leading to confusion and disbelief from Hagen when informed.

Severe Heat Takes Its Toll on Abby

LVMPD seized Abby’s lifeless body, and it was evident that she had suffered significantly from the extreme heat. Organ failure was suspected as the cause of her untimely death. The arrest report emphasized that it is unlawful to leave a dog tied up outdoors during such extreme weather conditions, underlining the importance of responsible pet ownership and the duty to safeguard animals from harm.

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Claims of Ignorance Surrounding Excessive Heat Warning

In her defense, Hagen later told authorities that she often kept Abby outside due to concerns about her roommate’s treatment of the dog. She asserted that she was unaware of the excessive heat warning in effect when she tied Abby to the porch. However, police refuted her statement, citing that the leash seemed too short to provide the dog access to food, water, and shade beneath the porch. Furthermore, two empty bowls were visible near the dog, raising questions about her access to these necessities.

Legal Implications and Court Proceedings

As of now, Deborah Hagen has been released from police custody, but she faces restrictions according to Clark County court records. As a condition of her parole, she is prohibited from possessing or controlling animals. While formal criminal charges have not yet been filed, her actions have brought immense sorrow and sparked a broader conversation about animal welfare in the community. Hagen is scheduled for her next court hearing on August 17.


The heartbreaking loss of Abby underlines the crucial importance of treating animals with care, compassion, and respect. As the legal proceedings continue, this tragic incident serves as a reminder for pet owners to prioritize their animals’ well-being, especially during extreme weather conditions, and to never leave them exposed and vulnerable to the elements. Animal welfare organizations and the local community hope that justice will be served in memory of Abby and to prevent such heartbreaking incidents from occurring in the future.


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