UAE Police Caution About Up to 30,000 Dirhams Fines for Fans Flouting Regulations as Football League Commences


UAE Police Caution About Up to 30,000 Dirhams Fines for Fans Flouting Regulations as Football League Commences

As the much-anticipated football league prepares to kick off in the UAE, local authorities are emphasizing the need for fans to adhere to the rules. The Dubai Police have issued a stern warning, indicating that those who engage in violent behavior could face substantial fines of up to Dh30,000.

In anticipation of the Adnoc Pro League’s commencement tomorrow, the police have launched an awareness campaign to ensure fans are well-prepared. Major General Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, the head of the Department of Protective Security and Emergency, has outlined the do’s and don’ts for fans to observe:

  1. Remain seated and avoid entering the playing field or designated sports areas without proper authorization.
  2. Refrain from bringing prohibited and hazardous items such as fireworks to the venue.
  3. Strictly avoid carrying any form of weaponry.
  4. Occupy only the spectator-designated areas.

Penalties for Violations:

The penalties and fines have been elucidated by Lt.-Col. Abdullah Tarsh Al Amimi, the coordinator of the campaign:

  • Violation of the aforementioned rules could result in imprisonment for a period of one to three months or a fine ranging from Dh5,000 to Dh30,000.
  • Engaging in acts of violence, inciting violence, or attempting such actions may lead to imprisonment and/or a fine ranging from Dh10,000 to Dh30,000.
  • Similar consequences are applicable for hurling substances or liquids of any kind.
  • The use of offensive language (spoken or written) or making disrespectful gestures will also result in the same punitive measures.
  • Making racist statements or utilizing the stadium for political purposes fall under the same penalty.

Major-General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commander-in-chief for Operations, has underscored the importance of adhering to guidelines when entering and exiting the stadiums. He affirmed:

“These efforts are applicable to all attendees and participants in sports events and festivals, which have become integral to UAE society. Furthermore, he reassured everyone that the police are fully dedicated to upholding the highest safety and security standards for sporting events.”

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