Purchase Airline Tickets with Zero Interest Installments Now Available!


In a bid to redefine the landscape of air travel, Saudi-based airline flynas has embarked on an innovative journey by joining forces with Tabby, a versatile app acclaimed for its diverse shopping and financial solutions. This strategic partnership has ushered in a groundbreaking approach, allowing travelers to enjoy greater convenience and accessibility through the option of purchasing flight tickets via interest-free installment plans.

Revolutionizing the conventional ticket purchasing process, flynas has embraced the forward-looking concept of “fly now, pay later.” With the global travel demand experiencing a significant resurgence, this collaboration stands as a testament to flynas’ dedication to empowering passengers and adapting to evolving travel trends.

This revolutionary alliance goes beyond mere financial flexibility; it serves as a bridge connecting individuals with their loved ones across geographical boundaries. By mitigating concerns over ticket prices, flynas and Tabby have made it possible for families, friends, and adventurers alike to come together and share moments without the burden of immediate expenses.

At the core of this collaboration is flynas’ extensive fleet, comprising an impressive roster of 51 aircraft. This fleet seamlessly facilitates connectivity to over 70 destinations, both domestic and international. Among these destinations lies the vibrant hub of Dubai, a testament to the airline’s commitment to catering to diverse travel preferences and facilitating seamless global mobility.

In recent accolades, flynas has ascended to the ranks of the top airlines globally. The airline garnered recognition as the fourth-best low-cost airline on a global scale in the month of July, solidifying its stature as the premier low-cost carrier in the Middle East region. Hosam Arab, CEO and Co-founder of Tabby, remarked on the partnership’s profound implications, expressing how it will bring the enriching experience of air travel closer to individuals who yearn for exciting adventures or are eager to reconnect with their cherished ones.

Beyond the innovation of installment plans, this partnership underscores flynas’ unwavering commitment to prioritizing accessibility and customer-centricity. Booking flights has never been easier; travelers can secure their journeys through a range of channels, including the airline’s official website, dedicated app, responsive call center, and a network of authorized travel agents.

In summary, the flynas-Tabby collaboration stands as a beacon of progress in the aviation industry. With a mission to make air travel more inclusive and tailored to the needs of diverse passengers, this partnership not only elevates the airline’s standing but also enriches the experiences of countless individuals who are now free to explore the world with newfound convenience and financial flexibility.


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