PCB Accepts Inzamam ul Haq’s Resignation as Chief Selector


The cricket fraternity is abuzz with the formal acknowledgment of Inzamam-ul-Haq’s resignation as Chief Selector by Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of the PCB Management Committee. The delay in acceptance was prompted by Haq’s public criticisms of Ashraf and the PCB on various television channels, bringing the situation into sharp focus. Haq’s departure, citing a conflict of interest, now marks the end of his tenure. His recent remarks, particularly targeting Ashraf and the PCB, intensified the controversy. A five-member investigation committee has been established to delve into team selection processes and potential conflicts of interest.

Haq’s critique extended to the World Cup period, expressing disappointment in the board’s failure to initiate an inquiry then. He voiced frustration at the lack of responsiveness to his attempts at communication. The spotlight on Haq’s association with a company despite resigning as Chief Selector added layers to the situation. This episode underscores the complexities and challenges within cricket administration, emphasizing the need for transparent processes and timely actions to maintain the integrity of the sport. The ongoing investigation will likely shed light on the intricacies of team selection and administrative decisions, providing clarity amid the current turmoil.

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