Pakistani Journalists’ World Cup 2023 Visa Processing at the Indian Embassy has finally begun.


An important development is that the Indian embassy has now started the visa application process for Pakistani journalists who want to visit India to cover the ongoing Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Journalists who were interested in covering the World Cup in India were contacted by the embassy on Tuesday, and they were instructed to submit their passports as soon as possible.

This much-anticipated development occurred a day after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) once again expressed its disappointment regarding the hold-up in issuing Indian visas for Pakistani fans and journalists, despite the World Cup 2023 having been going on for almost a week.

The massive cricket tournament began on October 5, but Pakistanis were still waiting for visas from Indian authorities, which created uncertainty for those who wanted to attend the World Cup.

In a statement, the PCB mentioned that Zaka Ashraf, the chairman of the PCB Management Committee, had met with Syrus Sajjad Qazi, the foreign secretary of Pakistan, to express grave concerns and alarm over the delay in granting visas to Pakistani supporters and journalists who intended to cover the World Cup in India.

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