Pakistan to Beat England by this Margin to Qualify for World Cup Semi-Final after New Zealand win against Sri Lanka – Startup Pakistan


New Zealand’s pursuit of the 172-run target not only holds the key to their victory but also significantly impacts the race for the semi-final spot in the ICC World Cup 2023. Black Caps chaser in 23.2, the pressure shifts to Pakistan, necessitating an extraordinary performance against England. Pakistan would have to beat England by a colossal margin of 270+ runs or achieve victory with a stunning 4.1 overs to spare.

A foot and a half in the Semifinal for New Zealand! Mathematically, Pakistan still have a chance of making it through to the Semifinals, but virtually it will be the Kiwis who will be the fourth and final team to qualify, if they bat and score 300 runs, they will need to bowl out England for just 13 runs and if they bowl second and get England bundled out for 100 runs, they would have to chase it in 2.3 overs which looks as close to impossible at it can get.

Pakistan faces a daunting challenge in their World Cup group finale against England. With New Zealand holding the fourth spot, Pakistan needs a substantial victory. To qualify for the semi-finals, they must beat England by approximately 287 runs while batting first or with about 284 balls to spare while chasing. New Zealand’s current net run rate advantage adds to the complexity. It’s an uphill battle, requiring exceptional performance and strategic play to secure the necessary margin for advancement. The odds may seem near impossible, but in cricket, surprises are part of the game – Pakistan will aim to defy the odds and make a memorable push.

With India, South Africa, and Australia securing their spots in the semi-final, the battle intensifies for the remaining position. Currently, New Zealand stands in a commanding position, poised to solidify their spot with a win tonight. Pakistan closely trails, eyeing the opportunity to capitalize on any slip-ups by the Kiwis.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan faces a precarious situation with a negative net run rate, making their path to the knockout stage challenging. The stakes are high, and a New Zealand victory tonight would all but guarantee Kane Williamson’s team a coveted spot in the semi-finals, leaving Pakistan and Afghanistan to battle fiercely for the remaining position in this thrilling cricket saga.

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