Infighting in GOP as 8 Reps join Dems to block Homeland Security secretary’s impeachment


GOP divided as 8 Republicans vote against Homeland Security chiefs impeachment.—TimesofIndia
GOP divided as 8 Republicans vote against Homeland Security chief’s impeachment.—TimesofIndia

The House of Representatives witnessed a pause in a Republican-led attempt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, momentarily avoiding a potential crisis for the Biden administration, Times of India reported. 

Despite the efforts of Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, eight Republicans joined Democrats in a 209-201 vote, redirecting the impeachment articles back to the House Homeland Security Committee.

The impeachment motion, accusing Alejandro Mayorkas of dereliction of duty in managing the US-Mexico border, revealed a schism within the GOP. Greene, a hard-right Republican from Georgia, utilised a rule allowing a swift vote on resolutions, alleging a pattern of conduct by Mayorkas incompatible with US laws. 

This move signalled a growing inclination among some Republicans to broaden the grounds for impeachment, focusing on policy decisions rather than traditional high crimes and misdemeanours.

Mayorkas, appointed by President Joe Biden, has faced scrutiny for his handling of the southern border, with accusations of open border policies contributing to a migrant influx. The use of the term “invasion” in Greene’s resolution sparked criticism from immigration advocates, who contended it echoed racist ideologies.

While the unexpected vote provided a reprieve for Mayorkas, Greene expressed determination to reintroduce impeachment, citing potential pressure from voters. 

Notably, prominent Republicans like House GOP Whip Tom Emmer and Rep. Tony Gonzales voiced support for the resolution, highlighting broader frustration within the GOP concerning the Biden administration’s border policies.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, already navigating delicate negotiations on government funding legislation, now grapples with managing internal divisions within the Republican party. 

The renewed push for Mayorkas’ impeachment adds complexity to the political landscape, with only one US cabinet official having been impeached in history.

Despite the spotlight on Mayorkas, critics argue that the impeachment efforts are baseless and politically motivated, diverting attention from critical issues such as government funding and national security. 

As the Biden administration and Republicans engage in a political tug-of-war, the fate of Mayorkas and the handling of the border crisis remain uncertain, casting a shadow over the potential for bipartisan cooperation in Congress.

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