Here’s the Pakistan’s Qualification Scenario for Semis if New Zealand Beats Sri Lanka in Today’s Clash


As the New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka match unfolds, Pakistan’s hopes for a spot in the semi-finals are on the line. With Sri Lanka struggling at the start, the situation is tense for Pakistan, currently sitting at 5th place with 8 points.

If New Zealand secures a win in this game, it adds a layer of complexity to Pakistan’s journey. While Pakistan’s recent victory against New Zealand provided a boost, the path to the semi-finals now demands not only a triumph against England but also strategic outcomes from other matches.

The spotlight is on Afghanistan, who, following their recent defeat against Australia, must now emerge victorious against South Africa. Even with an Afghan win, Pakistan needs both New Zealand and Afghanistan to face challenges in their upcoming games.

Should New Zealand triumph once more, Pakistan faces an uphill battle. Securing a convincing win against England becomes crucial, and the net run rate comes into play, where New Zealand holds an advantage.

In simple terms, it’s a waiting game for cricket enthusiasts. Pakistan’s fate hinges on the unfolding drama between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, coupled with Afghanistan’s performance and Pakistan’s own showdown against England.

Every run and wicket becomes a piece in the puzzle determining whether Pakistan advances to the semi-finals. The cricketing world watches with anticipation, knowing that each moment in these matches holds the key to Pakistan’s semi-final aspirations.

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