Forget the Lyrics? You can just Hum a Song and YouTube will Search For You


YouTube has released an experimental tool for Android handsets that allows music identification via humming, singing, or recording. This new feature, featured on YouTube’s support page, allows users to find songs on the network by humming or singing them for at least three seconds.

The switch from ordinary YouTube voice search to this new music search tool is simple for users who have been granted access to this experiment. Whether humming, singing, or recording a song excerpt, the platform quickly recognizes the melody and connects the user to relevant YouTube videos featuring the desired tune.

Surprisingly, YouTube’s current experiment is similar to a feature released by its parent company, Google, in 2020. Humming, whistling, or vocalizing into the microphone icon within the Google app, Google Search widget, and Google Assistant allowed users to identify music.

Notably, Google’s service required humming for a longer period of time, often 10 to 15 seconds, to identify the song. Google’s method uses machine learning models to match a person’s hum with a song’s specific “fingerprint” or signature melody.

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