FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers: Pakistani journalists suffer due to PFF NC’s unprofessional approach – Football International


Pakistan football team during a training session. – PFF

AL-AHSA: A group of Pakistani journalists who are here to cover Pakistan-Saudi Arabia football match of the World Cup Qualifiers had to face big problems on Wednesday in getting information about Pakistan team due to absence of a professional media manager with the Pakistan team.

As per FIFA rules, a media manager is mandatory with the team and Pakistan team here at Al-Ahsa has a social media manager and not a media manager which created big issue for the Pakistani reporters to get information about the match time, press conference schedule and other related things.

Football is now going to be a big sport in Pakistan and the football authorities will need to take care in future to send with the national team a professional media manager to facilitate the Pakistani journalists in particular. This correspondent tried several times to get information from the Pakistan team manager and media manager but to no avail.

They started cooperating with the media when this correspondent brought the matter into the notice of the PFF Normalisation Committee top brass. 

Instead of obliging one’s friends and relatives, the PFF NC will need to show a professional approach and send such people with the national team as manager and media manager who have enough relevant experience.

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