Fakhar Zaman is likely to be replaced by Abdullah Shafique against Sri Lanka


With regard to its starting lineup for the upcoming World Cup 2023 match against Sri Lanka, Pakistan’s cricket team must make an extensive choice. The main issue in this choice is whether Abdullah Shafique should be a team member in place of the ineffective Fakhar Zaman.

The team’s management and fans are concerned about Fakhar Zaman’s recent performances. He has struggled to consistently score runs, and his last 12 innings have produced underwhelming results. In these innings, his best performance was just a 33, which happened back in May 2023. The team is now seriously considering changing their batting order due to this prolonged stretch of poor play.

The name Abdullah Shafique has come up as a possible Fakhar Zaman replacement. In order to address the team’s batting issues and possibly offer a new perspective on the batting order, Shafique’s inclusion in the lineup is being considered.

It’s crucial to remember that this lineup change has not yet been decided upon in its entirety. The management of the team is carefully analyzing their options and evaluating the circumstances. The final choice is anticipated to be made public on the day of the game, which will heighten the tension and intrigue surrounding it.

This choice demonstrates the team’s dedication to fielding the most competitive and successful lineup possible for each game in order to compete at their very best during the World Cup competition. The outcome and potential effects on the team’s performance against Sri Lanka will be eagerly anticipated by cricket fans.

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