Elon Musk Announces ‘X’ Twitter Audio and Video Calling Features


Elon Musk’s social media platform, formerly known as Twitter and now called X, is getting ready to add video and audio calling feature, which he dubbed as ‘X’ Call, which will allow users to make audio and video calls with each other using the ‘X’ Twitter app.

Musk said that the feature is still in beta testing and will be rolled out gradually to select users in the coming weeks. He also shared a screenshot of the feature, showing him making a video call with his girlfriend Grimes.

‘X’ Twitter is a spin-off of the popular microblogging site Twitter, which Musk launched earlier this year after he got fed up with the censorship and moderation policies of the original platform. ‘X’ Twitter claims to be a free speech haven for users who want to express themselves without any restrictions or interference.

Musk said that ‘X’ Call is part of his vision to make ‘X’ Twitter more interactive and engaging for users. He said that he hopes that the feature will foster more meaningful conversations and connections among users who share similar interests and passions.

He also hinted that ‘X’ Call is just the beginning of a series of innovations that he plans to introduce on ‘X’ Twitter. He said that he has many more ideas in mind, such as live streaming, gaming, and virtual reality integration.

Musk said that he is open to feedback and suggestions from users on how to improve ‘X’ Twitter and ‘X’ Call. He said that he welcomes constructive criticism and positive reviews, but not trolls and haters. He said that he will block anyone who tries to harass or abuse him or other users on ‘X’ Twitter.

Musk’s announcement of ‘X’ Call has generated mixed reactions from users and observers. Some praised him for his creativity and ambition, while others criticized him for his arrogance and ego. Some expressed excitement and curiosity about the feature, while others expressed skepticism and distrust. Some said that they would love to try out the feature, while others said that they would rather stick to the original Twitter or other platforms.


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