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Pakistan’s Davis Cup team. – PTF

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Senator Salim Saifullah Khan and the PTF management have welcomed the decision of the ITF Davis Cup Committee (DCC) to uphold Pakistan’s right to host the Davis Cup tie against India in February 2024 as per ITF draws.

The News broke the story in November 9 issue. The DCC had convened a special meeting on the 3rd of November following objections conveyed to ITF by the All India Tennis Association (AITA) on the tie being held in Pakistan citing security concerns. It may be recalled that the AITA had raised the same concerns in the 2019 tie which had to be played in Kazakhstan as then decided by the DCC.

This time, however, the President PTF along with DC team players and management refused to accept the AITA’s unreasonable demand leading to the DCC meeting.

Strictly following the laid down ITF rules and regulations governing DC ties, the DCC asked both nations to submit their respective views. The PTF submitted a detailed presentation on the subject as did the AITA. The 15-member DCC after studying both submissions, consulting the ITF Security Consultants, and deliberating the matter at length passed a majority vote in favour of the tie being held in Islamabad as originally awarded.

“The decision, which has now been formally conveyed by the ITF is very good news for the PTF and all tennis lovers in Pakistan as it is a keenly awaited contest. The tie is scheduled to be played on the 3rd and 4th of February 2024, and on the direction of the PTF President the federation has commenced working on the required documentation and arrangements to host the major event,” a PTF official said. 

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