Britain’s hardline Home Secretary Suella Braverman fired by Rishi Sunak over remarks on policing, PA reports



Suella Braverman, Britain’s hardline Home Secretary, has been fired from her post by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, PA Media reported, after making incendiary comments about the policing of pro-Palestinian marches in London.

Braverman had served as Sunak’s interior minister throughout his tenure in Downing Street, but her confrontational rhetoric towards migrants, protesters, the police and even the homeless had caused rifts in Sunak’s Cabinet and sparked speculation that she was plotting a future leadership bid.

She most recently courted criticism by accusing London’s police force of applying “double standards” in the way they manage protests, in an op-ed in the Times newspaper condemning an upcoming pro-Palestinian march that Downing Street said had not been cleared by Sunak.

On Saturday, far-right counter-protesters clashed with police in central London after Braverman called the pro-Palestinian demonstration a “hate march.”

Her departure from government comes as Sunak’s party remains deeply unpopular among voters with polls suggesting the Conservatives are drifting towards a potentially catastrophic electoral defeat next year.

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