Blue Beetle Box Office Across 10 Million on Opening Day


The box office performance of Blue Beetle is still too early to tell. The movie was released in theaters on August 18, 2023, and it has only been in theaters for a few days. As of August 20, 2023, the movie has grossed an estimated $13.3 million worldwide. This is a decent start, but it is still below the opening weekend gross of other recent DC superhero movies, such as The Batman ($134 million) and Black Adam ($162 million).

The box office success of Blue Beetle will depend on a number of factors, including the reviews, the word-of-mouth, and the competition from other movies in theaters. If the movie gets positive reviews and people start talking about it, it could have a strong second weekend. However, if the movie gets negative reviews or if it is overshadowed by other movies, it could struggle to make money.

It is also worth noting that Blue Beetle is a relatively unknown character. The movie is based on a DC comic book character, but he is not as popular as Batman or Superman. This could make it more difficult for the movie to attract a large audience.

Overall, the box office performance of Blue Beetle is still uncertain. The movie has had a decent start, but it will need to keep up the momentum in order to be a success

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