Before Pakistan vs. New Zealand in the World Cup, the Bengaluru weather


When rain is predicted for Pakistan vs. New Zealand during the ICC Cricket World Cup, Bengaluru, India’s Chinnaswamy Stadium is ready. Weather reports indicate that there is a 50% probability of rain between 1 and 5 p.m. on match day, which could affect the second half of the game. The ground crew at the stadium is assured by their state-of-the-art facilities, nevertheless.

The modern “Sub Air System” installed in the stadium is essential in minimizing waterlogging on the outfield. When it starts to rain, this system kicks in automatically. It drains the field of standing water 36 times faster than natural drainage, at an astounding rate of nearly 10,000 liters per minute.

In order to minimize water buildup on the outfield, remote sensors placed in the field trigger the Sub Air System. The necessity for protracted game delays or cancellations due to damp outfield conditions is greatly reduced by this cutting-edge equipment.

Rain had an impact on New Zealand’s training session the day before, underscoring the significance of these systems in preserving the playing field. Chinnaswamy Stadium is sure that, even in the event of rain interfering with the match, the field will be ready for play 20 minutes after the rain stops, guaranteeing players and spectators alike an entertaining and uninterrupted game of cricket. This confidence stems from the Sub Air System.

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