Babar Azam: “Our Goal is to Win the World Cup, Not Finish in the Top Four”


Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, has a specific objective for his team as they get ready for the 2023 World Cup. Instead of just aiming for a top-four finish, he wants them to win the competition.

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Before leaving for the World Cup, Babar emphasized at a press conference in Lahore that their goal goes beyond simply finishing among the top four teams. They are committed to winning championships. He mentioned that they couldn’t hold a proper training camp prior to the World Cup because of their hectic schedule. They instead gave the players a break so that they could come back reenergized and inspired to win.

Babar also expressed his pride in playing for Pakistan in the World Cup despite the fact that they had never before played in India. He reassured them that the pressure was not getting to them. According to their research, playing conditions in India are comparable to those in other Asian nations. Babar ended by wishing that they would bring the World Cup trophy home with them.

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